Taking Your First Class?

So, you’ve decided that you’re going to your first Salsa dance class. That’s a major step! In fact, for many beginners showing up the most daunting step. 

Now that you’ve crossed that hurdle. It’s helpful to keep somethings in mind, because it’s just about *what* you will learn, but about *how* you learn it as well. 

Here are some helpful things to keep in mind as a dance student: 

1. Dance technique is *second nature*, it requires repetition.

2. You’ll have to be consistent, probably for a few years.

3. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

4. Request feedback.

5. Don’t take criticism as a personal attack.

6. Breath. Breath when you sense growing frustration and breath when doing the steps.

7. You *can* do this. Ignore any other voice that says anything to the contrary.

8. Get a few private lessons while you’re at it.

9. Ask questions. Other people probably have the same questions.

10. Get ready for some success, and yes, some failures as well.

11. Ignore the negative voices in your head and in your life. Listen to your cheerleaders!

12. Talk positively to yourself.

13. Focus. The outside world will be there when you’re finished.

So, have an amazing first class. Learn what you can, receive feedback, and most importantly, stay with it. Nothing worthwhile in dance comes from one lesson. It’s the joy that comes with master that you’re after!





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