Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

"Jewel and Larry are the best in the valley. I’ve taken classes with other “schools” throughout the Phoenix metro area and most of them only offer limited examples of Salsa dancing techniques. Larry and Jewel are true professionals and gifted instructors. Their insights and teaching methods in Salsa dancing-NY style, incorporated with Afro Cuban, Mambo and others, is what dancing and having fun is all about. Their energy and passion for dance keeps me coming back for more."

- Rome Aurelius

"I've taken private lessons and classes from Lawrence and Jewel for the past year and a half, and I HIGHLY recommend them! Both instructors are incredibly knowledgable and helpful no matter the level you are at."

- Elizabeth Schlueter

"I have been attending salsa classes with Larry for over 2 years now. The best place in Phoenix to get salsa fix. They have regular classes for every experience level starting from beginners."

- Amir Khan

"I’m so grateful to have Jewel as my salsa master! Personally, I just can’t not go to her Sunday salsa styling class. Not only is she a graceful dancer, she is also an amazing instructor. Her attention to detail helps me correct my habits and errors. Every week she puts together different choreos for us to learn, including various styling techniques/body movements. Her Sunday class is open-level. Whether you are a complete beginner or more experienced, you will always leave the studio with great takeaway. So don’t be scared even if you are brand new. She is there for you wherever you are in your dance journey. <3<3<3"

- Naomi Harris

"My salsa journey started with Lawrence and all the folks from Mambo Exquisite (now Con Clave Dance Company and Rumba Dance Studio). I must thank everyone who helped me along my way: Lawrence, Jewel, Jessi, and every student that came to his classes. It's a great environment for learning and growing. The Phoenix Salsa Community wouldn't be what it is today without Lawrence."

- Gantry York

"I'm new to Phoenix and also to Salsa on 2. I feel fortunate to have found such professional instructors, Jewel and Larry. I learn a lot in every class. I'm from Los Angeles where Salsa is inundated in the vibe of the City. So I'm not new to Salsa, with that said, Phoenix Salsa has exceeded my expectations!"

- Victoria C

"I had a great experience taking Salsa beginner classes. You get a lot of attention from teachers that always help to adjust steps and monitor your individual progress. Jewel and Lawrence are absolutely amazing and very professional dancers. They give you all the tips, some history of dancing and show various styles of salsa. Their classes are full of positive energy and fun. If you are looking for a place to learn Salsa (like really learn how to dance) and to meet new fun people, this is the right place for you!"

- Carlos Herrera

"Fun learning environment, for a variety of Latin Dance styles. Wide range of classes for beginners to advanced. Experienced instructors with a rich knowledge and passion for teaching."

- Eric Cornejo

"There are some instructors who show an unusual form of empathy for their students, both individually and even in a group class. When Jewel Pearl Hughes works with you, she is there—mind, body, heart, and soul. She reads your body, analyzes your movements, and does these micro-corrections that, when you pull them together, you see this transformation. I am a student with a hidden disability, and it is often frustrating. Jewel is gentle but persistent, understanding, and compassionate. There are some people in the Phoenix Dance Community that make you feel welcomed, regardless of your level of experience, your age, or your challenges. We are fortunate to have a handful of leaders, and Jewel is one of our principal ambassadors. When Jewel teaches, especially in her “Salsa Styling & Body Movement Class,” she really wants to see you move, breathe, be graceful, grounded, and free in how you express yourself. If you ever have an opportunity to take a class, you must."

- Victoria Stevens

"Larry and Jewel are the best teachers in town. Dedicated, passionate, and talented. Able to teach all levels and make salsa dancing possible for anyone to learn no matter their previous training. I started with absolutely no training and love the progress I have made over the past year. Salsa dancing has become a great passion of mine and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow in their classes."

- Esther Sheeley

"Great place to learn whether you’re beginner, advanced, or anywhere in between. Lawrence and Jewel have been my most influential teachers. And the social dancing events are always a great time!"

- Kaylie Morgan

"I attended a Salsa group class where Jewel was teaching. I was very impressed with her teaching style and knowledge. Having never had any formal dance training I decided to take some private lessons from her. Jewel has patience and is committed to seeing that her students get it. She breaks the steps down so that they can be easily understood, explains them and then demonstrates the steps so you can video them to practice on your own. Jewel is very personable and makes learning fun. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn dance."

- Robert Maxey

"I enjoy learning from both Jewel and Lawrence Garcia. I started taking salsa-on-2 classes with Lawrence in February as well as salsa fusion (took a few classes). I started in his Salsa boot camp class and progressed to intermediate partner work. If you’re scared, don’t be! They are both very kind, helpful, and very passionate about what they do! I’ve always enjoyed they’re classes 🙂 ."

- Elisandra Leyva

"Amazing classes, and instructors! So much fun too! Jewel and Lawrence are so patient and supportive. I have taken 3 of the classes here over the last 3 weeks and all have been 🔥🔥🔥. Beginner Salsa bootcamp, beginner salsa class on Monday nights and the styling class. What I enjoy most is being able to learn step by step and build on the steps at each class. Private lessons with Jewel have been great too in helping me to get that extra attention so my steps can be just right. Not gonna lie, its hard work, but they make it fun too. There's a positivity here with not only the instructors but also the people in the class and an atmosphere of being able to make mistakes in a safe environment. Makes it so motivating to stick with it and then seeing yourself get better little by little feels so amazing! I am so glad I found these classes!! I would recommend any of the classes here to anyone looking for a place to learn how to dance!"

- Dawn P

"Going to these class is an excellent way to meet people and make new friends. If you are interested in working out and getting more healthy, this is also the place to go to. It’s a great atmosphere and helpful instructors."

- Val Duban

"💃🏽 So much fun my first day...I'm hooked."

- Toni Will

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