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Jewel Pearl

Jewel began her dance journey at the age of 17. And, over the course of her dancer career, she has studied multiple styles. Some of these include: Ballet, Jazz, Flamenco, Belly Dancing, Modern, Contemporary, Afro-Cuban, Cuban Contemporary, Performance and Salsa for 8 years.

Moreover, Jewel has an extensive background in the arts: Performing Arts, Fashion, Runway, Modeling, Runway Coaching, Acting, Singing, Dance Coaching, Photography, and Theatre.

Finally, as a dance teacher (and, of course, an avid student) Jewel is adamant that she and her students consistently train while staying motivated, confident, and inspired at all times. All this while keeping in mind that there’s always a goal to achieve. You see, Jewel wants to see her students succeed, to be proud of themselves, and enjoy the fruits of their hard work and dedication. In short, her aim is for her students to achieve success in their personal dance journey and in turn share their art with the world.