Group Classes

We offer weekly drop-in classes ranging from beginner to advanced level. Group classes are a fun, affordable, and great way to learn within a larger communal environment. Check our schedule to see what classes are best for you!

Open Level: Some of our classes are open to dancers that have dance backgrounds, are roughly intermediate level, and great for students who feel they have a high aptitude. The goal is that these dancers and advanced dancers can still get something from the class.
Beginner Level: We recommend starting to learn the foundations (timing, lead and following technique, basic footwork, etiquette, etc.) that we build on.
Intermediate Level: Once the foundations have been laid. We can start adding on the next level of  lead and follow technique (turns, spins, styling) more complex turn-combinations, and additional style of dances (Rumba, Son, Afro-Cuban)
Advanced Level: With the foundation and framework in place we can finally move towards your completion. At this level we can work musicality (timing variations and interpretation), complex turn-combinations, and Salsa fusion (Salsa shines mixed with a variety of styles).

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If you need one on one lesson, book your private lesson and build your foundation with more depth and understanding.

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